Hello, World. Let's eat.

After over five years of eating very well together, I sent a text to Mark in the middle of the work day and asked him if he wanted to write a food blog with me. I'd been catching up with my bloglovin feed and salivating over some homemade sliders, when I suddenly thought: "we eat stuff. We could do something like this." Mark said 'yes', and after a month of batting around potential blog names, we settled on Whole Milk Club.

I consider myself to be very lucky. Mark is the main cook in our household, and he always makes sure there's something delicious and nourishing for dinner no matter what kind of day he's had. I occasionally rock up in the winter months and make a mean boeuf bourguignon, glowing with pride as he enthusiastically dishes himself seconds, but in truth, he is the mastermind behind our daily dégustation.

Our travels see us eating everything from amazing bosna at Austrian hole-in-the-wall kiosks, to multi-course michelin star extravagance in the Alsatian countryside. At home, we've hunted down some incredible farm shops, and spent a small fortune on our ever-growing library of cookery books. Between us, I'd like to think we've got enough zeal and experience - for food and writing - to bring you something worth reading.

So, this is a 'hello', and our invitation to you. Stick around, work up an appetite, and join us in this adventure, this 'club'. I promise you we will never use the word 'skinny' (except to be ironic) and we will try anything once. Have you ever eaten firefly squid?