Product Review: Krups Automatic Milk Frother

It was always our intention to include product reviews on the blog, but so far, it's either slipped our mind, we haven't used something enough to confidently review it, or we haven't had an alternative point of reference with which to compare said product to.

That was until the KRUPS Automatic Milk Frother came into our lives.

When we bought our KitchenAid back in the summer, we were hoping to do a write up about it, but I don't think we've truly utilised it (and all the accessories) to it's full potential yet. There's a lot we can do with it, and I want to do everything we can with what we've got before we commit to writing a review.

The Milk Frother however, is so simple in its design and function, that it was easy to form an opinion. Put simply; it's great. Go away and blow a load of cash on one now, you need not read on.

Inside view of the Krups Milk Frother

Okay, so if you're a skilled barista and coffee lover, with a 'proper' coffee machine complete with steam arm and the skills to use it, maybe you don't need this. We have a Krups bean-to-cup machine, which is great for lazy folk. It has a steam arm, which we do still often use, but the separate Milk Frother complements our lazy machine perfectly, especially on busy mornings.

The KRUPS Milk Frother is basically a milk 'kettle'. There are 3 settings - cappuccino, latte, and hot milk. You simply pour in milk up to the correct measure for your desired drink, pop the lid on, and press the corresponding button. It comes out at the perfect temperature with a lovely foam, and you can clean it in less than 30 seconds. Plus, It's small, light and easy to store.

Close-up of the Krups Milk Frother with coffee machine in background
Preparing to make hot chocolate in the Krups Milk Frother
Close-up of buttons on the Krups Milk Frother

For us, it truly came in to its own for hot chocolate. We have a vintage (former) Yugoslavian milk pan that we heat milk in on the hob, but using this method means constant vigilance. You can drop a spoon of your favourite drinking chocolate directly in to the KRUPS Milk Frother with your milk, turn it on, and it creates the perfect cup of smooth, frothy hot chocolate in minutes.

We use it most days and the only gripe we have with it is that the capacity only really allows for 1 medium-sized drink at a time, and for a second batch, you need to allow the container to cool first. This is achieved quick enough though, by swilling it out and filling with cold water for a minute or two. Also, we often drink our coffee out of small cups, so one batch will do those.

It's a gratuitous item, for sure. The price might give you doubts (in fact, it was a Christmas gift to us, so maybe we wouldn't have considered one otherwise), but now we have one, we would definitely replace it if it ever broke.

N.B. We received the KRUPS Milk Frother as a gift from family, not KRUPS, and this is not a sponsored post.

Hot chocolate on marble surface made with Krups Milk Frother