Year One of the Whole Milk Club - Top 5

It's hard to believe we've been in our little corner of the web for just over a year now. If we count our first blog post as day one, then the 26th June was our first birthday.

I suppose our indirect way of celebrating was to give the blog a facelift. The platform move was expensive (when compared to our previous platform, Blogger, which was free), and a little time-intensive to move all the content, but after a year of working on this thing and finding that it wasn't just a fleeting fancy, we felt it was time to level up. For those who are interested, we are now using Squarespace. The backend interface is incredibly user friendly, and the templates much more professional and 'ready to use' than what we had before. Now we can spend less time coding, and more time writing.

It seems like an appropriate time for a round up of our most popular content from the past 12 months. In case you missed them first time round, here are the top 5 posts from our first year:

1. La Perla

An early post from August 2016. Modern tapas restaurant La Perla is a great spot for lunch if you're visiting Bath, and want a more interesting venue away from the high street.

2. Knoops

Hands down the best hot chocolate we've ever tasted. Knoops is a fantastic little hot chocolate bar in the seaside town of Rye in Sussex. Indie business at its best, we're sad it's not closer to home.

3. Wagamama Summer Menu

Our first group blogger event was at Wagamama in the Bullring, Birmingham. Excellently presented, and after a long break, reminding us why Wagamama is ahead of the chain restaurant game.

4. Celebrating an Engagement

A non-review post has made it in to the top 5! We curated a special homemade meal to celebrate our good friends getting engaged - 3 courses, complete with wine pairings. It's rather heartwarming that this made it in to the top 5. Thanks, guys!

5. The Tame Hare

Another early review for us, of the then-newly opened Tame Hare in Leamington Spa. We will have to get back down there soon and see how they've progressed!